The basic idea of the product is to enhance the vision of partially blind or the people with blur vision using wearable technology along with a hand held device .


TECHVISION (the project) focuses on developing a prototype using R pi and some external hardware that is to be mounted on spectacles which will be used as a vision enhancement tool for the blind as well as it will be having features that display certain sensor values on the screen.

The project is to be broken down into two parts having different qualities but for the same cause. The first part is developed on glasses and the second one is a hand held device.

The first part of the project is where we will be having a oled screen mounted to one eye of the wearer along with R pi zero w and Environ Phat sensor with the help of which we will be able to display sensor data on the screen such as :

  • Light amount 0-255
  • RGB Light colour 0-255 per channel
  • Temperature and Pressure
  • Motion X, Y, Z

This will be implemented using a google cardboard lens to magnify the data that will help the wearer to get a clear view of the details.

The second part of this project aims to connect another raspberry pi zero w to the right side of the wearer as well , that will be connected to a 2.2” TFT screen and a camera module that will video stream the surrounding environment onto the screen.

Video feed connected to a display, with a wearable screen in the ideal spot for maximum vision will enable someone to focus on just the screen, and let the camera capture the detail and depth of the environment.


  • The first major reason is that the project has been implemented such that it is easy for the user to carry such glasses along.
  • Due to the usage of google lens in them , it surely gives a better and clear vision   for people with blur vision.
  • The hand held device exclusively gives a real time video stream that also uses a led flashlight for the  People with NIGHT BLINDNESS to see clearly .
  • The project is developed such that it has small screen in a way that beams the video into the wearer’s peripheral vision. That turns out to be all that some people with limited vision, even legal blindness, need to see things they never could before. That’s because many visual impairments degrade central vision while leaving peripheral vision largely intact.


The project idea is to be implemented using wifi enabled R pi and other arbitrary sensors and modules to make it completely functional.



1.Raspberry pi zero w

2.Oled screen display module (0.96”)

3.2.2” TFT screen display module

4.Environ Phat sensor module


6.Google cardboard lens

7.Pi Camera 5mp

8.Raspberry pi zero ( pi bow)case

9.Nylon spacers , connectors , slider switch.

10.Raspberry pi camera (5 MP)


  1. Debian linux
  2. Python
  3. Open cv


Block Diagram


1.The first use of this project will be that the user will be able to see the sensor data onto the oled screen i.e temperature, pressure , light and the direction in which he is moving . Hence the screen will display all the 3 coordinates i.e x , y and z . As the user will move around alongwith the sensor data he will also be able to see the real environment on the left screen.

  1. Also another thought of using a flash light is being used here along with the pi camera , the flash light could be switched on during night time such that the pi camera is able to analyse the real environment at night as well hence this will also prove beneficial to the people suffering from night blindness.

3.. This project is being made keeping in mind to enhance the vision capability of blind people as the screen will focus directly to the area of sight enabling the user to get a clear vision to some extent.


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