While developing Embedded projects , at some time we all need to solder a lot of components on the perf board , or a general purpose Board . Now a days these things are automated by the manufacturer itself . You must have noticed the IC Packaging of the components while developing projects , aren’t they very clean ? This is due to the perfect IC fabrication and Packaging that has been done during the time of manufacture of an IC.

People today develop Embedded projects using PIC, 8051 and all such controllers their IC packaging is a lot different from the ones we see already embedded onto the Beaglebone  and Raspberry Pi Boards !

There are different types of IC packages that we generally observe :

  1. Dual Inline Package : This IC package is the one that is generally used for the manufacture of IC’s such as 8051, PIC  microcontrollers .They have pins on both the vertical sides for the user to directly embed them onto the board and solder . Hence they are very easy to use .
Dual Inline Package
Dual Inline Package 

2. Single Inline Package : These are the IC packages that are rectangular in shape just as the regular microcontrollers but have pins on only one vertical side of the IC package . It also depends if the user wants to use less number of pins he/she can prefer this particular IC package . Generally people think how are these controllers able to manage large number of functionalities with such less number of pins ! Actually it is due to Time Division Multiplexing ! (Voltage regulator Ic’s ex: 7805,7812 are generally SIP)

Single Inline Package
Single Inline Package

3. Quad Flat Package : As the name suggests , these packages are somewhat square shaped plastic packed . They have pins on all of the four walls . Although they may occupy a little more area on board but they are mostly thinner in size . They are surface mount integrated circuit packages with “gull wing” leads extending from all four sides .

Quad Flat Package
Quad Flat Packages

4. Pin Grid Array : These IC packages are similar to that of Quad Flat Packages , the main difference is just in the placement of pins , to save some more area onto the board , the pins are placed at the bottom of the IC package .

Pin Grid Array
Pin Grid Array

5. Ball Grid Array : This IC package is the latest IC package that you will find on the high end Development boards and other electronic systems and boards . These IC packages are much better that all the previous IC packages as explained above ! They are very well done packages that occupy less space on the board , are thinner in size and have solder balls beside there walls . These solder balls are already done such that when hot air is blown beside them , they melt down and make a perfect connection onto the board at that very moment. Hence these Packages are the best packages we have till date.

Ball grid array
Ball Grid Array

General Knowledge : These IC packages are made of Plastic are are generally black in color . They just consist of a miniaturized silicon chip(with transistors fabricated ), that is connected internally to the end pins of the package with the help of very small and thin gold wires.



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