Arduino Board

Arduino uno R3 is a microcontroller based development board that is used generally by electronics and robotics hobbyist to develop all various kind of projects and dig deep into the world of electronics .  A lot a tinkering with electronics can be done using this  board as the company also provides a friendly software interface to directly code and burn your magical logics into the board .

What are the projects I can make using this ?

Well ! if you are looking for some project development then you have surely come to the right place my friend. You can develop a lot of electronics and robotics projects by interfacing a lot other components like motors , sensors or other shields and modules . To give you more insight into what all you can develop using this, i’ll here list out some projects for you !

  1. Drone
  2. Self balancing robot
  3. Line following robot
  4. Object avoiding robot
  5. Bluetooth Controlled  home automation
  6. Smart Gardening system
  7. Solar panel based Lights
  8. Biped robot
  9. Room temperature display
  10. Digital Oven
  11. Visitor Counter ………and a lot more !                     

To know more about this wonderful Board stay connected with us . We will guide your more on this how you can burn your piece of code into this and interface sensors and modules by connecting them using wires to the input output pins already provided on this board.

Lets have fun tinkering with electronics 🙂


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