Best Preferred Books For GATE ECE Preparation

Here I am recommending some of the GATE Electronics & Communication (EC) preparation books based on following metrics:

1. Adhering to GATE syllabus
2. Offering easy to understand concepts
3. Popularity of the book
4. Toppers recommended books
The following books are recommended for preparation of GATE Electronics and Communication Engineering (EC).

Analog Circuits
  • Book Name: Microelectronic Circuits : Theory and Applications, Author’s Name: Adel S. Sedra, Kenneth C. Smith, Edition: 6

Sedra and Smith’s Microelectronic Circuits is an all-inclusive book, which serves to detail out the ABC of Analog Circuits in a detailed manner. The concepts are clearly explained and easily understandable. Important GATE topics for this subject are: Diode circuits, BJT voltage gain, Op-Amps, and MOS circuits.


  • Book Name: Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, Author’s Name: Charles K. Alexander , Matthew N. O. Sadiku, Edition: 5
The book is great for circuit analysis in which solved examples are explained step-by-step. Each chapter has explanation of topics with their practical applicability. It does not matter what is your level in Network theory before reading this book but once you read this book you will have no difficulty in the concepts. Important GATE topics for this subject are: Theorems, Transients, and Two Port Networks.

Control Systems
  • Book Name: Automatic Control Systems, Author’s Name: Benjamin C. Kuo, Edition: 9

Automatic Control Systems by B.C. kuo is a comprehensive book, which covers all the topics lucidly. The book consists of several diagrams and illustrations to understand the concepts of control systems better. Important GATE topics for this subject are: State Space Analysis, Bode Plots, and Root Locus.

Signals & Systems
  • Book Name: Signals & Systems, Author’s Name: Alan V. Oppenheim , Alan S.Willsky , S.Hamid Nawab, Edition: 2

                                                                                                                                                        This is an effective book on Signals and Systems and all concepts are presented in attractive manner and deeply explained. A lot of examples are added to clarify the methods and concepts. Important GATE topics for this subject are: Convolution, Fourier transform, Z- transform.


B.P. Lathi and Simon Haykin.


Digital Electronics

Digital Design by Morris Mano


Principle of Electromagnetics by Sadiku (Probably the best book on EM theory with plenty examples)



Higher Engineering Mathematics by B.S Grewal


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